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President Obama
I think it is pretty well documented scientific studies that Acupuncture can be very helpful in relieving migraine and other ailments.

KIM KARDASHIAN has facial acupuncture.
A pregnant Kim Kardashian was reported in media across the world and on her facebook page having facial acupuncture. “oh just relaxin” she wrote: Acupuncture is well known for relaxation facial rejuvenation and help pregnancy .

World health organisation (WHO)
Acupuncture can assist in more than 50 health problems

NBA superstar Martell Webster
I am sold on acupuncture Martell of the WashingtonWizard I have acupuncture before every game

KNEE PROBLEMS current findings of 14 controlled clinical trials with apporx 4000 patients shows -acupuncture gave remarkable better results then normal standard medical care ,or not receiving any treatment at all ( waiting and hoping for pain to go away , or for treatment to become available). Researchers said “ACUPUNCTURE is better at reliving pain and restoring function than standard biomedical care”

Olympic Skier Daron Rahives had acupuncture following a crash in a January race.Rahives has won 12 world cup titles in Apine Sking .

Scientific acupuncture news
A scientific University report shows Acupuncture stops pain.
Oxygen levels are higher at acupuncture point according research by department of chemistry and nano science , Ewha university Seoul Republic of Korea , reported in the publication evidence –based complementary and alternative medicine

The Us Military applying acupuncture to injury stricken and stressed American soldiers in Afghanistan , the Us military is also applying immediate acupuncture to the main battlefield injury CONCUSSION , on site , on the battlefield.
Battlefield acupuncture treatment is being taught to many special operation soldiers for its applications in combat and its ability to reduce pain immediately.

JENNIFER ANISTON, gWYNETH PALTROW, VICTORIA BECKHAM, JESSICA SIMPSON, and DAVID ARQUETTE are among stars who have also reportedly had cupping and Acupuncture .

OPRAH had acupuncture herself during the show as a wellness tune up .A tune up is more and more popular treatment to release any stress and give an energy boost .You feel totally renewed It boosts immune system and make you feel light and easy with your life .

Finally pregnant –had daily acupuncture
After six attempts at in vitro fertilization ,the forty two years old Canadian singer is pregnant with twins following acupuncture treatment. Celine Dion has healthy twins.

Maria carey
Maria Carey is having acupuncture to assist with getting pregnant ….Now pregnant !The singer revealed to US weekly that the ancient art of acupuncture played a big part in helping her pregnancy . Husband Nick Cannon said “Maria took a hormone and once a day acupuncture. I think it helped quite a bit because it was a good de stressor.

London newspaper. A vital part of the acupuncture treatment is to help beat food cravings.


JORDIN SPARKS pulled a hip muscle but was quickly back on stage after several acupuncture treatment.

Sports super star have acupuncture.
Martell Webster NBA super star has acupuncture before each game.
I am sold on acupuncture –I have acupuncture before each game he told Washington post.

Andy Murray at Broadway at Barclays ATP world tour tennis discussing— took acupuncture for painful groin strain.

Phoenix Suns player grant hill has acupuncture to help his legs and boost his energy.
Phoenix Suns players who have acupuncture are Kevin Johnson, Steve Nash , Charles Barkley and Jason Kidd.

Golfers such as Gary Player and Fred Couples use acupuncture.

Morten Anderson had acupuncture twice a week to benefit feet.

“be open to acupuncture for pain”. Western medicine doesn’t have all the answers”.

Scottish Premier League Scott Dalzeil had acupuncture for a knee injury –scored goal on return.

Olympic Gold Medal favourite has Acupuncture.

– New York Times reported that McKayla Maroney , the 16 year old defending world vault champion from Long Beach California favourite to win the gold medal in the vault , is having acupuncture for pain from an injured foot .

Englewood Hospital and Medical Centre, New Jersey has been joined by acupuncture practitioner who specialises in treating Parkinson and neurological syndromes.

Military doctors have recently turned to acupuncture in special pain clinics and for troops in battle zones.
Last year the army surgeon general began making the acupuncture treatments more widely available.

Acupuncture helps indigestion
Alimentary pharmacology and therapeutics reported that new research acupuncture is effective for upset stomach , indigestion , abdominal bloating , nausea ,heart burn dyspepsia .The research said Acupuncture is effective for functional dyspepsia .

Acupuncture for infertility
A paediatric nurse at BC Children’s Hospital , Melani Waterman , 40 , has used acupuncture in a bid to become pregnant.After two and half years of trying , Waterman believes it wouldn’t have been possible without acupuncture.
There were infertility problems, the result of age , stress , and low sperm count , that were assisted by acupuncture.

Acupuncture helps women surgical pain
Helps to improve recovery times and improves pain control following gynaecologic and abdominal surgeries .

Acupuncture reduced opioid side effects including nausea dizziness ,sedation .
Pain scientific breakthrough Acupuncture switches off brain pain centres—Acupuncture needling , the limbic system , part of the pain matrix, is deactivated –something quite unexpected –from University colleges London ,Southampton University of York.

Football players famous for using acupuncture include Joe Montana,Morten Anderson ,and defensive lineman Michael Strahan.

Acupuncture helps players to recover quicker from injuries and helps prevent injuries.
Acupuncture creates muscular resilience.

San Francisco Giants pitcher Randy Johnson had regular acupuncture.
San Francisco Giants used acupuncture as a part of team medical program.
SF Giants team acupuncturist tours with the team.

The New York Yankees Pither A J Burnett wanted acupuncture as a part of his contract.
Nastia Liukin had a difficult year of Gymnastics competition in 2007 due to an ankle injury . In 2008 she had regular acupuncture treatements and went on to win an Olympic gold medal for he women’s gymnastics.

World championship triathlon athlete Debbie Tanner getting acupuncture for help with injuries.

Basket ball Jason Hammel has switched to ACUPUNCTURE to help with soreness.

HOCKEY Lightning defenseman Mike Lundin had acupuncture to help stimulate blood flow to treat an abdominal injury that has gotten worse .

ICE HOCKEY goaltender Ray Emery is recovering from injury and with advice from trainer Matt Nichol is having acupuncture twice a day every day as a part of his exercise regimen .

40 NFL players are treated with acupuncture regularly.

ACUPUNCTURE best treatment for MIGRAINES
Cochrane review has found that there is consistent evidence that acupuncture is beneficial in the treatment of acute migraine attacks and as a preventative treatment , with better results and fewer adverse effects than drug treatment.

Acupuncture helps relieve many types of chronic and acute disorders and has proven to be beneficial for patients who do not respond to traditional treatment of medication, “said Julie Taw, MD,Medical director at Englewood Hospital and Medical Centre.

Acupuncture benefits headache sufferers

Cochrane research found that acupuncture is an effective prevention for tension of any type and migraine type headaches.

Acupuncture helps in labour and birthing.
A new research reports with –Experts from universities including Liverpool . Warwick and Manchester said .
Acupuncture decreased the use of forceps and ventouse in delivery, with acupuncture also decreasing the number of caesarean section .

Two studies ,one in Acupuncture in Medicine and the other in the Journal of Endocrinological Investigation found a benefit when when acupuncture was used on the day an embryo was transferred into a woman’s uterus..The study from the journal alos found that women with polycystic ovary syndrome and men who had infertility issues h no known cause also received benefit from acupuncture –ACUPUNCTURE DOES HELP PATIENTS HAVE BETTER SUCCESS .

Star Magazine reported Britney Spears appears to have received an acupuncture type treatment
to help with returning to good shape after the birth of her baby.